Irma MacPherson

 Irma is the owner and operator of Imac Management Inc, a Recording Artist Management Company.  Imac provides music business consultation, artist development, mentorship, artist management, and stage performance coaching. 

iMac Management

Driving the Dreams of Artists

Irma believes empowering and nurturing talent offers singers a gateway to a multitude of possibilities and opportunities for them in this very competitive Music Industry.  “I want you to start at the beginning and give you tools to enhance your path to your dreams”.

She’s here to help you find your passion.   Whether you’re looking to carve out your own music career or you want to perform on stages, she’ll tell you exactly what you need to know and how to put your best foot forward. She’ll show you step-by-step how to become an unstoppable, undeniable performer by presenting your true image. Her robust platform offers vocalists - singer-songwriters a gateway to a professional life in music.

Through Artist Development Vocalists become Artists

Vocalists-singers-songwriters can study under Irma and Team in a multitude of settings, including private and group sessions, and interactive educational opportunities through workshops and seminars.

Her warm candor, uplifting outlook, humility, empathy, and her profound outlook on her life journey of reinvention are qualities that have inspired many of her students.
“I am here to inspire people to unlock their talents and be creative,” she explains. “I am often the one to tell artists what’s not working in a compassionate way that will help them to strive to reach farther
to enhance their progress"
Her work is distinguishable through its techniques that recognize potential.  
In addition Irma is a veteran head judge, producer and director of large entertainment venue performer stages including: Big Valley Jamboree, Northlands Park Klondike Days (KDays), Northern Star Talent Competition, Country Vocal Spotlight Competition and NBC’s ‘Nashville Star’ Canada. She was also the executive co-producer and project manager responsible for Edmonton Undiscovered (2014).

As an artist development expert, Irma’s transformed careers of vocalists with that compassionately critical voice.  Irma’s work as a beloved and trusted 
mentoring coach, talent developer, and business ownerhas enabled her to formulate viable strategies for artists to develop lives in the music industry. “I’ve worked with an insider view to identify many key factors that make successful artists,” she says.


iMac Team