Janean Wiley-Humerniuk

Janean Wiley-Humeniuk

From a very young age, Janean has always known she could sense, feel, predict, foresee and know what was going to happen before it did. Sadly she never really had an outlet to explore or discover these gifts. For decades Janean followed the teaching of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, James Van Praagh, Christine Sheldon and others. Recently she decided it was time to use her gifts and teach what she has learned to others.
Janean’s life was turned upside down 7 years ago when she experienced 13 deaths and other personal issues that led her to start rediscovering her gifts. While visiting a psychic she realized that the messages given were close but were miss interpreted by the psychic. The psychics interpretation was negative, bias and ego based and during that moment Janean realized she could give more accurate and positive messages to people.

Janean offers her clients a variety of spiritual teachings including: meditations, relaxation techniques, manifestation techniques, intuitive exploration, subduing the ego, the gift of following your love and passions, and many others. She offers clients: spiritual guidance and teaching, medium and psychic readings, and Reiki (energy healing).  Janean is constantly continuing her training for her Reiki Masters and studying Akashic Records. She looks forward to teaching and sharing her knowledge with others; everyone has these abilities we all just need to be reminded of it.

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