Kathleen McMurray

Kathleen McMurray

Artist Mentor, Performance Coach &
Social Media Consultant

For over 30 years now she has spend thousands of hour working with and observing amateurs, up and coming performers and professionals to see what really makes them look polished, interesting and worth the time for an audience to enjoy while watching their performance. Her extensive business background helps her in every aspect of the industry to provide innovative and up to date information.  

From the first time Kathleen began watching how things worked to the last time she tried to put something back together while making it function better, her love of simple, easy, and fun has been an ever growing interest.

The light bulb lit up and ever since she has been determined to help those who really want to make a great, fun, relaxed visual impression on their audience.  With a “lets start at the very beginning (new performers are like awesome sponges) approach” while providing behind the idea explanations she gets right to the heart of the issues and gives easy to understand solutions or suggestions.  

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