Rhea March

Live Performance & Development Coach, Producer & Radio Host of CJSR 88.5 FM

March Music & School of Song, Emerging Artist Presenter at the Canmore and Edmonton Folk Music Festivals,  Live Performance & Development Coach -Instructor 'Managing in the Music Industry' at MacEwan University, Music Mentor at 'The Sarah McLachlan School of Music' in Edmonton, and Host & Producer of 'It Takes a Village' on CJSR 88.5 FM.

Recently, Rhea began work with The Sarah McLachlan School of Music. 
Rhea believes that it takes a whole community to raise a musician.  So much so in fact, she named her weekly radio show, ‘It Takes A Village’.  Every episode features live performances and interviews from local and touring musicians. 

Rhea’s ultimate gift lays in her ability to coax the very best from the artists she works with by providing the fundamental tools they need to develop authentic confidence and hone their craft.  For Rhea, transforming a performer from ‘good’ to ‘consistently great’ is the most rewarding. 

This summer will mark Rhea’s tenth year of developing emerging songwriters to perform on prestigious stages at The Edmonton Folk Music Festival and The Canmore Folk Festival.

Rhea March

She is the warm and welcoming host of the popular ‘Sunday Night Song Stage’ in Edmonton where for 11 years she has facilitated an open stage that has become a community hub for emerging & veteran songwriters.

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